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Breguet watch of wrist of the unique dual Breguet Classique Hora5717 Replica Watches hit the market in 2011, was widely attention, because it is the first jump systems with instantaneous time zone, and synchronization with the date, day/night and city show that the mechanical meter.2016 breguet upgrades to its, launched a new generation of Hora Mundi 5727, although only updated the face plate, but like a new watch.

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Before we talk about the new features, let’s look at the Hora Mundi what it is.In essence, it is a double time zone or GMT watches, but significantly different from other GMT watches.Dial is clean, not GMT sheet common the next hour, 24 hours to show or part of the city circle of these typical.City circle still exist, of course, it is hidden in the small window at six o ‘clock.

So, if only a group of the minute hand on the dial, show only a city, this is how the dual time zone of the watch? Breguet Leather Strap Wite Gold Copy Watches started the design of genius.Hora Mundi loaded 77 fo movement instantaneous jump function with time zone.At eight o ‘clock watchcase lateral button, you will see the city, time, day/night instructions (eccentric small dial) can instantly change immediately.To be honest, this is I used one of the coolest feature.The clever double time zone function through a set of double CAM device to realize “mechanical memory”.Set your hometown time, the activation button at eight o ‘clock, and then set the time zone.From this point, the watch will “remember” the current time in these two position.Treasure ji to this elegant solution is especially developed four patents.


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Hora Mundi 5727 appearance is a classic Breguet Cheap Replica Watches UK style: platinum crust is relatively thin is only 12.6 mm thick, but sufficient 43 mm in diameter, the traditional style of groove coin grain ear shell and welding table.Relatively old paragraph 5717, the biggest change is the dial.5717 the dial of the watch is the world common carving world map, and a more rich and colorful day/night.