Cheap Replica Tudor Blue And Black Dial Rubber Strap Waterproof Watches UK

It has become a recurring game for us here, at Monochrome-Watches. In the same way we just shared with you our predictions for sister-brand Rolex, we’ll show what we expect to see from Tudor cheap replica watches UK at Baselworld 2017. Just like previous years, this article is pure imagination-based and is nothing official. Yet, the watches we’ll show you don’t come out of the blue and are well-thought propositions. After a year 2016 mainly based on the Heritage Black Bay, we think it’s time for Tudor to move in other directions, to look at other collections and to explore new territories. Thus, as you’ll see, here is our dark and travel-oriented Tudor Baselworld 2017 collection.

Blue dial replica Tudor watches UK.

What do we expect from Tudor at Baselworld 2017? Well, the “shield” has been playing hard on the vintage trend these past 7 years (starting with the Heritage Chrono in 2010), a trend that has reached its maximum last year with a collection almost entirely focused on best-seller Heritage Black Bay. Yet, as successful this watch is, it can’t be declined endlessly and the collection might have reached a mature status. 3 bezel colors for the standard steel version, many strap and bracelet options, a smaller 36mm size Tudor fake watches UK, a bronze version, a PVD edition, the arrival of an in-house movement last year… Except bringing new complications to this watch, it will be difficult to find visual-only evolutions (yet, we could always be surprised…) Thus, Tudor need to look at other territories, to bring novelties and to focus on other watches that are in the current collection.
This is why we imagined watches based on complications that the brand never did before. What could do Tudor, a brand mainly focus on purpose-oriented watches? What is actually missing in their collection? First of all, with their current strategy, there’s almost no chance that Tudor moves to complicated watches – and by that we mean calendars, astronomical displays, skeleton watches… – simply because, it is not where the brand stands. Then, looking at the current collection, there are already 4 chronographs (Heritage, Blackshield, Fastrider, GranTour), which is probably enough. Then, there are many 3-handers, sporty or dressy, and even an alarm watch. So what is missing? Watches with a second time-zone, whether GMT watches or Dual Time watches, thus timepieces made for travellers. This, to us, is an important category that Tudor should look at. This is why you’ll see two watches based on this concept.

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Then, we could have imagine some vintage-oriented pieces. Yet, if you look at the watches Tudor produced during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, most of them have been used as inspiration for modern versions – all the chronographs, most of the Submariners, the Advisor, the Ranger… Expect if Tudor has some vintage watches we’re not aware of, the Heritage collection seems to be rather mature now.