Which Watches Fake Do Famous Football Players Wear On World Cup 2018 UK?

The hottest topic these days must be the World Cup without any doubt. Majority men keeps staying before the TV to see the live broadcast of the games, discussing the football stars and the teams with their friends in great passion. We know that each soccer star has exquisite football skill, while the income from them also is astonishing. They all have deep enthusiasm of brilliant copy watches renowned all over the world. Now I will introduce the delicate wristwatches they wore on World Cup. Of course I must say something about Hublot at first, the official timepiece of World Cup this year.

As the wristwatch that official designates, Hublot could be seen almost everywhere. Not only the timing board is set with the symbol of Hublot, but also each referee has worn Hublot, which is specially created for soccer game. It is not only designed with chronograph, but also can keep track of the football, helping referees to make a fair judgment.The model referees wore are open for sale with a limit amount 2018. If you like it, just buy it in hurry.

The national flags set around the bezel make the watch distinctive and easy to know it was made from World Cup.

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Several famous stars have worn Hublot too besides the referees. On the picture is Maradona, the famous football star from Argentina. He usually worn two pieces of Hublot imitation watches with black rubber straps at the same time. He said that he had always been to abroad, so the one was to see the local time he stayed but the other was to check the time of his hometown.

Maradona usually wore two wrist watches on each of his wrists, checking the time of his hometown and his local place.

Two brilliant Hublot Fake Watches Maradona Wore

Cristiano Ronaldo, the renowned football player from Portugal, is the representative of TAG Heuer, always wears wristwatches of TAG Heuer. The brand had even custom-made a watch for C Ronaldo. This picture was taken when Cristiano Ronaldo got awarded by Golden Ball Award. The watch he worn was designed with black dial and black strap, making him look more fascinating.

The TAG Heuer C Ronaldo wore made him look more fascinating and gentle.

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Messi, the famous football player from Argentina. He has worn a Hublot this year during the period of World Cup. Audemars Piguet is one of his favorite watch brands and he became the representative of luxury fake Audemars Piguet. On the picture, Messi has worn a Audemars Piguet with blue dial and white strap, perfectly demonstrating the dynamic and youthful style.

Messi is fond of Audemars Piguet very much and he is the representative of the brand.

Copy Audemars Piguet With Blue Dial